Jealous Bitch

So today I got back my home econs paper and we had this coursework that me and my friends work tgt on. So I contribute the least in the grp (I think) but I got the highest grade. Then SOMEBODY was not happy that I got the highest. Like so what if I got the highest just accept that fact and fucking move on. And you said that when you got higher than me, I will get angry at you (which is not true at all. Please I will not be a jealous bitch like you💁) then now. I get higher than you, you angry at me. And not only that. You have to ask me 2 fucking retarded question that tbh actually help me confirm something about you. It helps me confirm that you are a fucktard 😂😂😂. Also, when I was checking my marks I realize that my teacher didn’t count in 2 marks for me. So me and best friend went up to the teacher and ask her for my marks. It’s perfectly normal right? But then one of the question SOMEONE ask me was “why you want to take back your marks?” Like are you really that fucking retarded that you actually ask me that question. So next time the teacher never count in your marks then you don’t go and ask for your marks lah. Since I go and ask for my marks then you ask me why I ask. Don’t ask lor. Stupid. Oh and that arrogant attitude of yours is annoying too. All in all, you’re annoying. I don’t need friends like you in my life and I don’t want friends like you. From now onwards, you’re just my classmates. Nothing else. You used to be my best friend but not anymore.


Some people are just purely annoying and nothing else. They act like they like you but actually they hate you secretly. They will always smile at you when they see you but behind your back, they curse you. They curse that you will get knock down by car all this bullshit. Wtf. They are always complaining that they feel so hurt that people are saying that behind their back but they are doing the same fucking thing. So what makes you so different from them. Do your fucking stupid good grades make you better than them? No. So what if you get so good grades? Does it teach you to have a better attitude and not be such a shitty person? No it doesn’t. Does it help you to stop being such a bitch? No. Instead with your good grades, you look down on people. You always complain that people look down on you and some stupid shit but you are doing the same exact fucking shit. Don’t you realize that and I think you are even worse. And so what if you get such good grades? You want to make your parents proud? Sure they will be proud of your grades but your attitude? Once they realize that they such a child that have that kind of shitty attitude. Do you think they will be proud? I can tell you that they will be embarrassed to have a child like you. And do you honestly think that having good grades will get you everywhere? Hahaha omg I didn’t know you are that fucking stupid. With this kind of shitty attitude, it will get you no where. So why not you stop fucking show off your good grades and stop fucking doing what you say other people are doing that you don’t like. You say their the bitches but tbh, I think you are the bitch. And right, I’m not trying to insult your parents or anything because your parents are very nice but your parents should really see what you are now and change to be maybe a better person(?) or maybe just not a person that talk behind other people’s back when you say that you get very hurt when other people do the same thing to you. Bitch.